Let attorney Frank Bryan help with your DWI

The landscape of DWI prosecution and defense has changed dramatically over
the past twenty-five years. In Austin, all DWI stops and investigations are
recorded by the police officer’s body microphone and patrol car video
recorder. APD DWI task force officers lie in wait in the West 6th Street
area trolling for persons leaving bars and restaurants downtown late at
night. APD officers often obtain a search warrant for an arrestee’s blood
upon refusal by the arrestee to voluntarily provide a breath or blood

APD officers often offer DWI suspects an opportunity to take a preliminary
breath test (PBT) prior to making a formal DWI arrest. In some cases, it
may be best for a DWI suspect to take the PBT test-a test that is not
admissible in court. A score significantly below a .08 on the PBT may cause
the officer to release a DWI suspect.

Administrative license revocation (ALR) hearings provide an opportunity for
a criminal defense lawyer to cross-examine the arresting officer about facts
not documented in the police report or patrol car video.

DWI law changes every legislative session. DWI defense requires an
experienced criminal defense attorney. Frank Bryan has been handling DWI
cases for over twenty years-as a prosecutor for 11 years and as a defense
attorney for over 10 years.

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