Trial experience is invaluable in the process of predicting how a jury will view certain facts and witnesses. Before practicing criminal defense law, Frank Bryan worked as a chief felony prosecutor, a federal prosecutor and a District Judge, a resume that gives him a combined 20 years of experience in criminal law.

Frank Bryan is the only criminal defense attorney in Austin with those qualifications. In those positions he gained valuable insight into the mindset of prosecutors and judges in criminal prosecutions. That experience greatly benefits Mr. Bryan’s clients because he knows the arguments that are most (and least) persuasive to prosecutors, judges and juries.

Mr. Bryan handles fine-only cases (such as minor in possession of alcohol), common offenses (such as DWI or assault) and more serious charges (such as aggravated robbery or injury to a child). He has been the lead trial attorney in more than seventy-five jury trials. As a prosecutor, he won 90% of his felony jury trials. As a District Court Judge, Mr. Bryan presided over thirty-four felony jury trials.

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